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Published July 2014

My brother Jacob LOVES biscuits every morning for breakfast with some eggs and OJ. I saw these in the frozen food section at Publix and was curious if he would like them. ... more

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New Find! Granny Hester's Sweet Potato Biscuits
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Granny Hester's Sweet Potato Biscuits
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August 24, 2010
Granny Hester's Sweet Potato Biscuits are great stuffed with your favorite BBQ or to top off a meal. Granny Hester's Homemade Sweet Potato Biscuits top the tailgate chart!

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August 24, 2010
Business finds sweet success in biscuits
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It’s a recipe that’s been in the family for 67 years. It turned into a business that is thriving for Tracy Johnson. Johnson is the owner of Granny Hester’s Sweet Potato Biscuits, a business local to Fort Payne. Johnson operates out of the shop used by her grandfather, Homer. It served as the Fort Payne Bakery and Restaurant until 1971... more

April 15, 2009
Southern Cooking: Sweet potatoes can be savory
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